The ART of the MULTI-SENSORY Journey

The Art of the Multi-Sensory Journey

The Art of Seeing, What are You Seeing ?
The Art of Touch, What are You Feeling ?
The Art of Listening, What are You Hearing ?
The Art of Communicating, What are You Saying ?

I would LOVE to hear some comments and or feedback from the articles below.
The below are just PORTIONS of the Course, not the totality of the course, however will give you a enough to think about and tools to start applying now.

Preframe: These articles are more geared towards personal relationships, however; all of the techniques and or tools and exercises can be slightly modified and or used as is, in any business and or team leadership building course. I have used them in both settings.

We are in the middle of Production to make this into an Ebook, Audio Book, Print Manual and filming this Course to make it into a DVD Course and for the ULTIMATE multi-sensory experience a Live Version which I used to teach back east at my center.

If After reading the below You want to either take the course, be a part of the filming for the course, please email me directly at
in subject heading please put "The Multi-Sensory Journey".

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  1. Listening and communicating are such important skills in all aspect of life. This looks like a great course for anyone.

  2. Looks like a good ebook. I live the way you present it with good choice of pictures and wording that go with it. I think they will make people stop and think.

    1. Thanks Mireille, and Zapric, and Ebook is in the making as we speak, as well as a workbook, course, etc


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