Outside of US Groups of 12-16 Locally up to 50 people

Everything we speak or sing is a Vibration...
The Lyrics we Sing do Impact the World...
The Words we Speak do Impact the World...

Check out these Articles and the Multi-Sensory Journey

Many have also discovered thru major research by some amazing scientists and musicians that Music-can truly create a major impact and healing on the body.

I have had the honor to spend some quality time with some amazing Sound Vibratory Masters at work, using their Voice to do healing work, Singing bowls, Tuning Forks, the power of Drumming etc..etc..etc....

I Love to add Layers to that, as I am the Multi-Sensory kind of person.
I Love to add to Music, Color, and Aromatherapy and bodywork to the mix and let me tell you, that is ONE powerful combination.

Another amazing dimension to this is to have all of this done to you while in the water... As energy Conducts in Water... Like Dolphin Sonar Healing in the  water... Energy healing done in the water is a very powerful medium.  I love the art of Watsu... 

If you get a person who is also certified in Reiki or Integrated Energy Therapy and that is done to you while in the water it is VERY Powerful... add to that a few drops of Aromatherapy oil applied under you nose, and Sound Vibratory Music and let me tell you you will be transported into another dimension and add to that a pool that has the color lights that cycle between the Chakra colors... 

Ok I am in HEAVEN...  I spend over 20 years doing body work on others and studying the layers and getting Certified in  Numerous healing arts... It seems to be calling me these days... Hm... I think I feel another Multi-Sensory project brewing...

Some amazing Sound Vibratory masters are:
Jonathan Goldman  

Another Amazing Sound Vibratory Musician is
Steven Halpern

Locally I have had the honor and pleasure in working with Production wise and healing wise with:
Michael Perricone on Tibetan Singing Bowls 
and Vocal Goddess 
Jahna Perricone

BhaktiFest 2012

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  1. For me hearing the sound of music is very relaxing. I enjoy reading your post Carly, thanks for sharing :)


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