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10 day HAWAII RETREAT Fri. Mar 15 - Sun Mar. 24 Part Vacation-Part Multi-Sensory Course

Join Us- Shawn Gallaway, Carly Alyssa Thorne, Jan Salerno on a Multi-Sensory Journey and Retreat for 10 days on the
Beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, in Kailua Kona.
March 2013 
from Fri . 15th - Sunday the 24th
we can also do other dates, just ask if you want to put together your own group.

   Take yourself on a  Multi-Sensory Journey 
and Exploration into The Art of Listening, Seeing, Feeling and Communicating and the Mind, Body and Spirit connection...

Retreat Rates Will include Lodging, Food and All Transport once we are at our destination.
Airfare is additional. We have travel agents that can help with you airfare see below...

          Start your New Year off right with healthy good
       Food, Yoga, Energy Water Healing, swimming with the dolphins, dancing Song writing, singing, learning about your senses: Seeing, Hearing, Feeling and Communicating.

Looking for 10-14 people that are ready, willing and Choose to Truly Dive in and go on a 10 day Multi-Sensory Journey of self and the world.  

Why 10-12 because everybody will be paired up with one person each day and then each day you will switch partners.  Ideally looking to get 50/50 balance of Male/Female for the Optimal Energetic Tranformational Journey.

Imagine the Following:

***The Multi-Sensory Journey of Self and the World...

***Part Retreat - Subjects: Seeing, Hearing, Communication, Feeling, Energy, Healing, Transformations, Change, Music, Body Movement, Overall wellness, health and fitness.

***Part Vacation- Exploration of where we are at and side trips to interesting, fun, beautiful places...

While on our side trips actual integration of what is being taught... Each trip you will be given something to focus on and apply while we are out and about...

***Private Healthy Chef – 3 meals, 2 snacks – Whole, Alive, Organic Foods – Vegetarian and Some Fresh Caught Fish for those who need the added Protein and or Organic Chicken. Lots of Fresh Exotic Hawaii Fruits, Whole Grains-Quinoa, Brown Rice, Veggies galore.  All Sprouted Grains.

***Body Movement-Yoga in the AM,  Live Music, Singing, Dancing every night.

Singer, Songerwriter, Artist, Muse Shawn Gallaway will sing with us every night and also help you create your own Power song, some fun Art work and more...

                                 Shawn Gallaway's "I Choose Love" song

***Mornings and Evenings of body movement, voice, and sharing...

***Filmed... Why ??? for several reasons:
It will give you something to look back at to see the actual transformations you have gone thru from beginning to end... 

It will give you the Multi-Sensory Album if you will to have forever... 

Watching it will actual help you integrate and process on many levels as you are constantly evolving, changing, transmuting in life...

It will serve as a guide if you will, as we will have all of the exercises, music etc... in there for you to continue to do if you so choose...

                                 Solar Heated Salt water swimming pool

A Bit of the Journey:
***Day begins at 7am with a 15 minute meditation and Chant

***Followed by 45 Minutes of Yoga with Sound Vibratory 
Music and Live Music and or Drummers

***Followed by a 15 Minute Shavasana with Sound Vibratory Music,
Group Reiki, with Lavendar Scented Eye Pillows

***9 am a Healthy Breakfast
                                             ***10-12 Workshops

***12-1 Healthy Lunch

***2-3 Getting Ready and getting Your Sensory Assignments while we go explore
 ***Packed snacks for trip

SWIMMING with THE DOLPHINS with Jan Salerno

***6-7 Healthy Dinner

***8-10 Sharing our Tour Experiences,
Music and Dancing

***11 PM Much needed Rest, Processing, Dream Time

RETREAT COURSE: The Multi-Sensory Journey will be taught by Carly Alyssa Thorne
Here is a peek into what we will be Learning, Playing and Growing about....

                 We will also be learning about Energy Healing, Watsu, Reiki 
Water Healing, Sound Vibrational Healing and more...
For more on Water Healing, Sound-Vibrational Healing click here

If you are a Couple 10% off just contact us directly for price adjustment.
CHOOSE NOW ONE Payment: $2,700.00
After 12/1/12 ONE Payment $2,800.00
After 12/1/12 2 Payments
December $1,450.00
January $ 1,450.00

We accept all Major Credit Cards or you Can Check out thru Pay Pal.
Pay Pal Address:

Contact Carly at:
Please put in subject heading: Hawaii Retreat

***3 Meals and 2 snacks 
***Pick up and Drop off to Airport
***All Courses taught within the 10 days
***Side sight seeing excursions and Day Trips
***We will be renting Mini-Vans- Transportation
***Shore Dolphin Swimming

***Your Airfare
***Anything you choose to buy when we are out on our Excursions.

***Dolphin Boat Excursion $185.00
that includes your snorkel gear, and 1 swim guide for each group of 3-4 people, healthy light lunch, water an juice.
(as NOT everyone will want to go out on a boat)

Wet suit Rental are $10 a day extra

***Hat, Baseball cap
***Snorkel gear if you have it
***Cooler Clothes for day time
***I highly suggest 100% Cotton for maximum comfort
***Warmer Clothes for night time
***Sweater, Jacket 

***Any lotions and or Personal Care products that have strong odors.

-6 bedrooms available
-ONLY ONE KING size bedroom Available first come first serve.
-5 bedrooms with Twin beds, that can be pushed together.
-2/3 people per Room with Private Bath
-Fully Equipped Kitchen
-Solar Heated Salt water swimming pool
-Laundry Room
-Meeting Room
-Bed Linens and Towels are provided

For Your Airfare Needs:

Carmen M. Perez is our South-East - Florida Multi-Sensory Partner Retreat Travel Agent.

Carmen is the Founder of CMP Travel Counselor, Inc, and the Bounce Back Journal,  Your Florida Travel Expert, Travel Spokesperson, and Carmen is dedicated to helping Women recognize the need to be Priority Number one.

Carmen is passionate about experiencing all that Life has to offer.  Carmen has a unique understanding of the difficulties involved in recommitting to hope and having a well-lived life, after having put her life on hold while recovering form a serious illness.  She is convinced that guilt and stress have no place in our lives and women need to bring their personal needs to the forefront. 

Carmen Perez and her travel tips have featured on Orlando's FOX morning news show, and her blog has received national recognition.

Maria Stefanopoulos is our West-Coast, Multi-Sensory Partner Retreat Travel Agent.

As the daughter of a Greek-born father who loved to globetrot, Maria Stefanopoulos fell in love with travel at an early age. Her adventures in Greece, Italy, France, England, and Belgium are among her most treasured memories. Maria now helps others create their own lasting memories as the owner of Ingenious Travel—a boutique travel agency that specializes in tours for sports fans, authors, book clubs, and other medium-to-large groups.

Prior to Ingenious Travel, Maria worked with American Express Travel and the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. In her free time, Maria enjoys traveling (of course!), reading romance novels, sci-fi fantasies, and cheering on the Detroit Red Wings. You can get in touch with Maria at or (800) 369-8169.


  1. Sounds awesome!!! Hawaii is so beautiful!

    1. Yes Joanne Hawaii is beautiful I lived there for 3 yrs.

  2. Carly this sounds fantastic. Hawaii, Mind/body/soul alignment. What a vacation!

    1. Yes I am looking forward to the Journey and Empowering n Inspiring others

  3. Carly, this looks like a real "life reboot" ... You've thought of everything!

  4. Have a wonderful and successful tour. Sounds amazing.

  5. Great idea Carly. What a healthy retreat.


    1. Thanks Marlene, would Love to talk to You about some Projects I am working on....

  6. Thanks for the invite Carly. if i can't make it, then maybe another date in Italy?


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