Thursday, November 22, 2012



-The Art of Communication- What are You Saying

-The Art of Touch - What are You Feeling ?

-The Art of Listening - What are You Hearing ?

-The Art of Vision - What are You Seeing ?

-Authenticity - Integrity - Values

-Love -  Peace - Gratitude

-Multi-Sensory Awareness

-Conscious Parenting

-Conscious Partnership

-Ying - Yang - Female - Male Energetics

-Learn what Colors work best and Why

Our Vast Diverse Toolbox Includes:
-Psychology, Philosophy, Theologies
(we Respect all Theologies and Use what resonates with YOU…)
-System Implementations, Blueprinting
-Organization and Time Management
-Conscious Hiring and Policies
-Effective Communications and Negotiations- Creating Win-Wins
-Internet and Networking
-Platforms and Presentations
Audio, Audio Digital, Kinesthetic, Visual
-NLP-Neuro-Linguistic Repatterning
-Energy Modalities
-Feng Shui
-Resources and Education

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