Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Healthy, Fun, Nutritious Smoothies, and Juicing

A few pre-frames:
1- Found this via FB, that person had no idea who the original author was, I also took the extra time to google both the image and the person's name etc... FOUND nothing... so if anyone does know Please let me know, I would Love to give her and or her site or book the credit.

2- I PERSONALLY do other additions to this Almond milk recipe, just my personal touches and or preference, and it is YUMMY....

3- At the end of the day, we all have unique taste buds etc... so have fun and Learn, Play, and Grow... I have always Played with recipes, never one to do a recipe EXACTLY in which it is printed... I LOVE to experiment and it is through my playing and experimenting that I have found some amazing flavors.

BELOW this Picture is what I do and add etc....

-USING RAW ORGANIC Almonds give the BEST Flavor
-USING 100% Pure Organic Vanilla Extract gives you a very Yummy
Vanilla almond milk

Also the Baking Anti- aluminum Conversation Fact or Fiction Read Link

-Stevia to make it a bit sweet

And occassionally
-Organic Alkaline Cacao to make Chocolate Almond Milk

Using the Stevia keeps this a VERY YUMMY Sweet Treat without all of the sugar and carbs. 

Also CHECK OUT this AMAZING Website where this recipe is and find out about 38 amazing other ways you can use Coconut oil...

Personally I use it:
-On my Skin for moisturizing
-For my Thyroid
-Cook or Uncook if you will for Yummy Desserts
-Also use it for Quick Veggies Stir Frys

and sooo much more...

PREFRAME:  I am not endorsing and or selling the site that is on the picture.
I didn't want to alter the picture as that is how I saw it online.
I just know this recipe is awesome, Yummy and healthy so wanted to share it.

Now this is one AWESOME Smoothie
and healthy as well...
Juicing is so healthy.
I love my Vitamix, and magic bullet for whipping up

I use Almond Milk and Coconut milk.


  1. Great recipes!
    Sorry I'll pass on the homemade toothpaste for now.
    Big fan of smoothies and dig the idea of making my own almond milk!
    Thanks for helping to make us healthy Carly!

  2. The pecan smoothie looks just awesome!! I love that idea. But I agree, the toothpaste I am not brave enough to try :) Great stuff you have there!

    1. Miriam the Pecan smoothie is GREAT and so is the toothpaste

  3. wow! thank you so much for sharing all of those great ideas! going to try them tomorrow morning!

  4. Coconut oil saved my face from my last eczema breakout and my son uses it on his teen face. I like the idea for the toothpaste.

    1. Yes I LOVE coconut oil for sooooo many things...

  5. Love smoothies! Thanks for another great recipe :)

  6. I love smoothies! Thanks for another recipe


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