Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Four Agreements - Do You Live Them ?

Yes, Yes, and Yes... to all of the 4 Agreements... by Don Miguel Ruiz... 
Thank You for your words of Wisdom...

1-Be Impeccable with your Word-

*Where do you find yourselves not Walking your Talk ??? 

*How do you expect anyone to Believe in You if you Say one thing and do another...

2-Don't take anything Personally-

*How many times do you let someone else take you out of the game of LIFE, YOUR LIFE ???

*People are only saying and doing things that in the end are about what they are going through...

It is their issue, not yours and YOU Have the Choice in how you react to it... 

3-Don't Make Assumptions-

*How many times do you assume someone is doing something or saying something before you find out the facts ??? 

*Usually when this happens we are coming from a Place of fear and  defensiveness, our inner child issues are being triggered. Let go of that fear and make the Choice to ASK... Find out the facts before placing judgement and assuming... 

4- Always do your Best-

*How many times do you just Give up, Sleep in, get frustrated, and stop doing something ???

*This is NOT the way to Actualize your DREAMS, GOALS, LIFE... 

*Get out there and COMMIT to being at 100% at all times, nobody else is going to do it for you...

To YOUR SUCCESS... Team work makes the DREAM work and you have Friends all around YOU that BELIEVE in YOU, are you AWAKE Enough to See that and ASK for help if you need it... A Hand up is always welcome a Hand out will not serve YOU... 

So don't be afraid to ASK... BUILD YOUR TEAM !!!

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  1. Simple philosophy makes for a simple life.

    1. Thanks Leanne, and I agree SIMPLE makes it best...

  2. I admit I do not always do that but thanks for the reminder!!

    1. All we can do is do our best and be Mindful of them Miriam...

  3. I try to, but there's always room for improvement!

    1. Andrew All we can do is do our best and be Mindful of them... There is always room for improvement... Enjoy...

  4. I try to, but there's always room for improvement!

  5. Replies
    1. Glad Knikkolette... I do too... the book is awesome too

  6. absolutely agree!
    I'm not saying that sometimes I jump to assumptions - every time I wait and just follow those steps - the result is way much better.

    1. We are all Human and will sometimes Judge, assume etc... the first step in anything is the awareness... however the end result like you said is always better when we do... Thanks for reading and posting


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