Friday, December 14, 2012

Embrace the BOTH AND... Mentality...

Embracing the BOTH AND... Mentality cross ranges into all topics...
A good friend wrote a Post on this wall and asked this Question..
"What is the ONE thing you could change about yourself and why ?"
My Answer: Nothing and Everything...

"Nothing and Everything... Nothing... Because first of all of those PAST experiences has made me who I am and Everything because I would do it differently from what I NOW Know... and This is a Tricky Question if YOU REALLY Get into it... Because some believe in Fate, Destiny, Karma, Dharma etc...  So, if I Believe I Choose my Mother who had German Measles and RH Negative Blood while she was Pregnant with me and was told to abort me because I would be born with a ton of medical problems and she didn't abort me and here I am now at 48 going on Surgery #27 and... have dedicated my life to Learning about Health,  Nutrition, Eastern and Western Healing and Medicine etc.. etc..etc... and I said I want to Change my Health and even though I have done everything within my Power thru All Sorts of Techniques, Healing etc.. etc.. etc... and I am still having Medical Challenges...  Soooo... I would have to SAY Nothing and Everything within the COSMIC INTERCONNECTEDNESS of The Why we are the Way we are... "

I mean this is an ENDLESS, LIMITLESS answer... Especially if you get into the whole Both And Principles and this Multi-Dimensional world we are in.
Why does an Innocent child get sick ?
Why does someone get killed ? Etc... and who is Right... 
The one that believes in Fate, Destiny, they deserved it because... etc...

Enjoy the Journey
Another Midnight Production


  1. Very inspirational post Carly! I did not know this about you and am even more honored to support your work and ways of paying it forward. Thank you for sharing and sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!

    1. Thanks Heather... Life is indeed a Journey...

  2. Great post Carly! I also believe past experiences make you who you are. The subject is indeed very tricky when you get down to it, would love to sit and chat over a glass of wine some day! :)

  3. Great post Carly, I also believe your past experiences make you who you are. The rest is indeed very tricky and a subject for further discussion. Perhaps we can skype over a glass of wine for this lengthy discussion. :)

    1. Thanks for the Comment Knikkolette and WOULD Love to talk to You... Let's Do it...

  4. It is a tricky question, indeed! I agree with Nothing and Everything!


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